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Ep. 5: 4 Things I Wish I Did Differently As a New Entrepreneur/ SHOW NOTES

Updated: Sep 5

Recently, I was invited to be interviewed for Hope*Entrepreneurs, and I got to share some tips for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. I thought I would record an episode discussing some of what I shared in my interview. I hope this helps! As mentioned in the episode, if you're a new, aspiring, or established business owner and you're interested in working with me to build your business, please email me at visit me at

IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! My CashApp is $iamnitaj !



4 Things I Wish I Did Differently As a New Entrepreneur

  • Have a more clear plan for success

  • Enjoy hobbies that aren’t business related

  • Prioritize your wellness

  • Finding something other than money to keep you going



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