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Hey, hey! I'm Marnita, but my friends and family call me Nita J. I'm a mom, serial entrepreneur, psychology student, overachiever, avid reader, mental health advocate, and self-care enthusiast. When I'm not running my businesses, I'm being Mom to my amazing son, working by day and spending time with my wonderful family. I also love to travel, dance, listen to music, and waste massive amounts of time on Tik Tok.

One of the main reasons that I decided to launch the Synrgsm Podcast is to create a digital space to not only chit-chat about life, but to bring awareness to subjects that I am passionate about, such as mental health, relationships, entrepreneurship, and more. I'll be sharing lots of resources with my listeners for you to use or share in case you or someone you know ever experiences the things that we discuss on the show

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